Hedgehog Gutter Protection New Zealand NZ
hedgehog gutter protection new zealand nz

Independent judging panels in New Zealand, Australia and the US all agree that our bristle filter gutter protection system is a significant advance on existing barrier systems. Not only in performance, but for also for its ease of installation and maintenance.

From the innaugural award it received in 1995 at the Royal Easter Show of Champions Inventors Awards our gutter protection system has gone on to win numerous awards. The prestigious Australian Hardware Journal awarded us the title "Best New Hardware Product of the year" while in America a leading DIY publication presented us with their Retailer's Choice Award at the American Hardware Show in Chicago

With custom made gutter cleaning tools and their ingenious three dimensional gutter guard filters, Rainworks Limited in New Zealand (NZ)
have made "Hedgehog" a leading brand in gutter protection systems.