Plastic Water Tank New Zealand NZ
plastic water tank new zealand nz

Civil Defense Experts, Councils and Government Agencies have long recommended you establish a back up water supply. Installing a rainwater harvesting system not only achieves this it also provides you with a free and independent source of water for life!

We have taken delivery of a limited number of recycled 220 litre plastic drums (Previously used to transport a fragrant disinfectant) ideal for garden irrigation – not recommended for drinking water.

Hedgehog's exclusive range of New Zealand (NZ) made rainwater harvesting components including downpipe divertors, first flush,
pre tank filters and plastic water tanks, make collecting clean healthy water easy.

A chance to create your very own rainwater harvesting system for less than $200!
Please note: most of our drums come in various shades of blue. The colour varies according to our source of supply.