Downpipe Divertor New Zealand NZ
downpipe divertor new zealand nz

These easy to install devices can divert precious rainwater from the downpipe to your garden, pool, laundry or toilet, before you lose it down the drain.

Fact: One centimetre of rain, on one square metre of roof, produces 10 litres of natural fresh rainwater!

Connect a Downpipe Tap to your tank, drum or barrel and marvel at the way this ingenious device fills it, then automatically diverts the overflow back into the downpipe system.

The Downpipe Tap works on the principle that water always spirals down the inside wall of a pipe, exactly the same as water going down the plughole.

Connection Options
Totally sealed tanks and drums

Tanks & drums with lids or vented caps

The circular reservoir inside the Downpipe Tap catches the falling water and directs it to the outlet. If the outlet is capped, or the backpressure from a hose connection becomes too strong for the water to escape, the water inside the Downpipe Tap will quickly rise till it spills down the internal overflow pipe leading back to the downpipe proper.