Downpipe Divertor New Zealand NZ
downpipe divertor new zealand nz

"Installs easily. Simply lift the sleeve and lock in the spout to flush away gutter debris or recycle rooftop rainwater"

5 Reasons for installing the Telescopic Downpipe Diverter System on all of your downpipes.

No. 1: The Telescopic Downpipe Diverter
System quickly pays for itself - not only in the time it saves cleaning gutters but also in the way it makes the task so much easier and safer. With the aid of an extendable spray wand you can now flush your gutters from the safety of the ground, virtually eliminating the need for climbing ladders.

No. 2: The Telescopic Downpipe Diverter
System can not only prevent costly blockages in underground drains, it can also stop roof treatment chemicals from polluting our streams, rivers and beaches.

No. 3: From seasonal water restrictions to
Civil Defence emergencies the Telescopic
Downpipe Diverter System can provide you
and your family (together with pets & plants)
with a backup water supply.

No. 4: An ever growing number of water supply authorities base their waste water charges on water meter readings. Utilising the Telescopic Diverter system for irrigation, topping up the pool, washing the car etc could reduce those costly water bills forever.

No. 5: The Telescopic Downpipe Diverts
‘Lock & Load’ capability allows you to
install or remove downpipe fittings or attachments in seconds.